Reliable Partner for Horticulture Projects

Biotech Taiwan

Carefree export

With Holland Screens you don’t have to look after issues like export documents, work permits, technical drawings and installation manuals. Holland Screens is very well informed on the legislation in the field of screen systems.

Delivery reliability

Regardless the project size and scale, Holland Screens has the capacity that lead to successful projects. Our thorough perparation, precise engineering and organised purchasing guarantee a timely delivery.

Installation service

When purchasing a high quality screen system it’s important to install the system correctly. On top of the delivery of the material, Holland Screens can offer supervision services or will take care of the entire installation proces.

Quality assurance

Holland Screens develops and manufactors screen components for over three decades and has proved to be a reliable partner. As a co-founder of the ISSO-publication 88, Holland Screens assures you of the highest quality system.