About us

Holland Screens International is specialized in the development and installation of screen systems for end users and turnkey projects. As a co-founder of the ISSO-publication 88, Holland Screens assures the highest quality components. Mounting, service, retrofits and renovation of the systems is done by an in-house skilled installation team or carefully selected, qualified subcontractors.

Reliable partner

As both a specialist and a grower you strive for the highest possible yield and have a clear vision on how to reach the best results. All you need now is a reliable partner with an open mind who can help you realize your objectives. That partner is Holland Screens International. Our dedicated professionals go above and beyond to find the best solution for your greenhouse or your international turnkey project.

Full service

Are you building a new greenhouse? Or does your current screen system needs to be replaced? Is the screen cloth no longer effective? Did the fabric get dirty or damaged over the years? Ask Holland Screens to have a look at the options for repair, renovation, and cloth change or replacing your whole screen system. Our service departement exclusively works with specialized personnel.


Holland Screens International is part of Holland Group Westland and the Boal Group.