At Holland Screens we want you to benefit from your screen system for many years. Besides the high quality proven components, the mounting, service, retrofits and renovation of our systems is done by our in-house skilled installation team or carefully selected, qualified subcontractors.


Our blackout screen is particularly suitable for forcing flowers and short day plants and
complies fully with contemporary demands. It’s low on maintenance, has a long life and
saves exceptional amounts of energy. A must for cannabis cultivation.

Screen Systems: Darkening

Energy Saving

In horticulture, the efficiency of your production and a wise use of energy is a must.
We offer you the right screen system to achieve maximum energy savings and an
optimal climate.

Firma Duijnisveld


You must meet increasing regulatory obligations on light emission. A closed screen
limits light emission and ensures maximum reflection of light for the benefit of the

Screen Systems: Assimilation

Sun Protection

The use of sun protection screens prevents damage and contributes to a better
greenhouse climate. Distribution of light and climate control results into no
leaf burning, no discoloration and higher yield.

Screen Systems: Sun Protection